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Nails of Steel

No Ordinary Nail HARDENER

Strengthens Soft Nails

Smooths Cuticles

Safety Tested

Eliminates Fungus

All Natural Product



Virtually No Drying Time

Use Under Nail Polish

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This is the first time in over twenty years that I let my nails go.  About three weeks ago, lost most nails.  The acrylic nails broke off, leaving my nails in pain.  Very sensitive to the touch.  They were splitting and tearing everyday.  This is my first week of use.  Nails don't hurt, aren't peeling, and they feel stronger.  I can type and touch them without pain.  Thank you so far I'm impressed.  Will report back again with update.


Aug. 18 2013

I have been using this for 5 weeks. I have weak, peeling nails and have gone to my manicurist every two weeks for years trying to hold on to what I have.  She said today that she has never seen them this healthy.  They are long for the first time in years.  I put it on twice a day along with a little lotion.  Thank you.


Aug. 22 2013

An All Natural Nail Hardener